Assistant and Assistant Pro 4.1 (2011)

(The newest update to the popular Assistant and Assistant Pro software)

CIS announces the release of new version 4.1 / 2011 for Assistant and Assistant Pro drug testing program management software. Version 4.1 has been enhanced with new features and capabilities as requested by many of our clients. Most notably, 4.1 now has the capability to communicate with our FormFox collection site software. This new capability represents a powerful “first” for off-the-shelf drug testing management software and can provide our clients with capabilities that simply cannot be matched by our competitors.

CIS clients current on technical support services or who are everitest network subscribers will automatically be shipped version 4.1.

4.1 / 2011 feature enhancements include:
  • FormFox integration. New test orders can be sent to the FormFox cloud where FormFox enabled collection sites can retrieve pre-ordered test information and print CCFs on demand. New version 4.1 can now import test results entered at the collection site for instant tests.
  • New pool group update indicator. Visual indicator to display pool groups that have updated employee rosters.
  • Random selection list dissemination. Allows random selection lists to be sent via everitest (e-mail or fax) at anytime.
  • Print scanned CCF images.
  • New options for “Company Communications Letter”. Users can now create user definable letters to all(or select) companies in their database.
  • Enhanced QuickBooks export. The QuickBooks export feature has been greatly enhanced.
  • Worklist enhancements.
  • New Batch Pool Selection Capabilities.
  • New reporting Filters
  • New Background Check options and notification options.
  • New reports
  • Enhanced random selection reports.
  • New capabilities to send data to Quest Diagnostics “QIS” system.
  • New fax cover sheet options.
  • New capability to designate the sender e-mail address for results reporting. *Prosys required
  • New “A Pro Web” page enhancements.
  • well as over 60 “bug” fixes.
software download

Download your free demo of Assistant Pro 4.1 here.