Assistant Pro 4.1 Software

(Drug & Alcohol Testing / Background Check Program Management Software)

Assistant Pro consists of a suite of tools that work together to create the ultimate in back office efficiency and advanced drug free workplace program management. Developed specifically for TPAs, MROs, collectors and employee screening companies of all sizes, our latest version of software can help take your company to the next level.

Today´s employers are trending toward consolidating vendors and demanding better solutions. If your company is not moving forward with technology, it´s falling behind. Don´t be left out.

Assistant Pro can provide you advanced solutions at the most economical pricing available.

Feature highlights:
Record Keeping: Keep records of drug and alcohol testing results for all types of testing (i.e. random, post–accident, reasonable suspicion, etc.) and for all types of testing (i.e. urine drug, hair drug, instant cup, breath alcohol, etc.). Nearly all information regarding the collection, lab analysis and medical review of a test can be recorded and easily retrieved at any time.

Random Selection: Flexible random program options allow you to manage testing for all DOT and other federally regulated industries as well as general drug free workplace and similar programs. Pure random selection, double random, crew selection, consortium and weighted selection options ensure your clients´ program–s needs will be met. Assistant Pro will help keep your clients– pool groups organized and compliant.

Scheduling: Assign a date, time and collection site for each test and print customizable notification letters with instructions for your clients´ personnel.

Results Downloading – Labs/MROs: Assistant Pro can allow simple result downloading from the largest network of participating laboratories in the industries. Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Medtox, Kroll, CRL, PAML, Advanced Toxicology Network, Maxxam Analytics and many others. Results are sent via 128–bit encrypted packets for easy import. This service improves workflow efficiencies and reduces data entry errors related to repetitive manual data entry processes. *

Results Reporting: Assistant Pro practically eliminates result reporting headaches. Simple to create reporting profiles allow you to email, fax or send results to the web with the click of a mouse. Advanced result filtering allows you to send targeted results to specific individuals. *

Reports: Over 70 pre–loaded reports allow you to get at the information you need. From statistical reports to drug test result reports to test activity tracking, Assistant Pro can deliver. MIS reports for DOT regulated programs can be generated in a few simple clicks.

Medical Review: Simple–to–use features allows in–house MROs to update test records with interview information and final result information. Easy–to–use interface allows MRO assistants to quickly match COC/CCFs and report negative test results.

Employee Assistance Programs – EAP: Custom follow–up test plans can be created for individuals requiring monitoring. Simply determine the number of months and types of testing required for an individual and Assistant Pro will help you manage follow–up testing as needed.

COC/CCF Imaging: Assistant Pro allows you to attach a PDF image of a COC/CCF to a test when connected to any "Twain–compliant" scanner.

Billing: Assistant Pro can save you time by generating invoices or send billing data to QuickBooks. Flexible and customizable billing profiles allow you to track services in the way that works best for you.

Background Checks: Complete your employee screening services by allowing your clients to order from a comprehensive menu of background check services. Your company can enter requests via the Assistant Pro software or by your clients via the web. Requests are sent electronically and results are then returned directly into the Assistant Pro database for printing and record keeping purposes. Available services include:

  • County criminal
  • State Criminal
  • Federal Criminal
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Instant Criminal
  • Previous Employment
  • Personal References
  • Education Verification
  • and more...**

Advanced Client Accessible Web Pages: Provide your clients critical program and test result information with our advanced client web pages. This highly advanced set of web pages, know as aPro Web, can allow authorized individuals access to the following:

  • View/Print test results
  • View pending tests
  • Query for a specific sub–set of tests by result, type of test and date range
  • View/Update employee pool group rosters
  • View pool group statistics
  • Run various reports
  • and tons more... **

Related services:

* Service requires basic subscription to the eVeriTesT Network.
** Client web pages may require additional CIS services.